Friday, January 25, 2013

Wisconsin SWCS Conference: Impact on Conservation with Increasing Commodity Pressures

The Wisconsin Chapter of the International Soil and Water Conservation Society will be conducting their annual conference on February 21, 2013. This conference will begin at 8:30 AM in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center located at 1001 Amber Avenue. Early registration is due by February 14th and can be completed online at Registration is also accepted the day of the conference, but preferably due by February 14th to estimate the number of meals.

This year’s conference will look at the trends in commodity economics affecting land use decisions, USDA Farm Bill impact on natural resources, recent changes to Wisconsin wetland laws, and innovative new ways to mitigate and control agriculture impacts to surface waters. Presenters will be from the United States Departments of Agriculture, United States Geologic Survey, Wisconsin DNR, UW-Extension, National Wildlife Federation, Madison Metro Sewerage District, and DVO Inc. Lunch will be provided with registration.

The Wisconsin Soil and Water Conservation Society is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization devoted to bringing people and science-based ideas together to promote and improve the natural resources of the state.

If you would like more information about the conference or have a question regarding registration, please contact Ryan Gerlich at or Gene Hausner via email at