Monday, March 31, 2008

How do you keep informed?

Human knowledge is an amorphous, evolving collection of information. Individually, our understanding of the world is constantly being shaped by new experiences and new information. Advances in technology have led to a world of up-to-the-minute information being available at our fingertips.

However, this massive amount of information simply cannot be effectively processed into useful knowledge for an individual without tools and filters to help determine what sources are worth tapping into.

For general news and events, most people use some combination of newspapers, TV news, radio stations, and Web-based news to keep up with whatever aspect of politics, business, sports, weather, etc. you want to know something about.

In your professional life, an even more sophisticated, discerning “radar and filter” system is necessary to keep up with developments. Many people utilize professional membership societies to assist with this process. A professional membership society connects individuals with new developments, resources, and information streams that would be difficult for the individuals to find and keep up with on their own.

This Conservation Blogger is just one example of the Soil and Water Conservation Society’s work to keep the conservation community informed and up-to-date on new developments. Others include the SWCS Annual Conference, the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, and special project reports. SWCS wants to be your source and partner—on point and on time.

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