Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bottled Water Ban in Bundanoon, Australia

According to the New York Times, a local controversy over bottled water has received international attention after the town of Bundanoon, Australia, banned bottled water.

The debate began because a Sydney-based bottling company wanted to use a local aquifer as a source for its bottled water. As residents began to dislike the increase in truck traffic that would accompany the usage of their aquifer, they also began to oppose the environmental impact of transporting water for packaging and then for distribution.

As awareness grew, it was proposed that perhaps the town shouldn’t support bottled water at all. 356 people attended the meeting to vote on the bottled water ban. By show of hands, only one objected.

The reason varies between ban supporters—besides the environmental implications, some people expressed concern about the chemicals in plastic and others saw it as an exhibition against the water plant.

The effects of the ban are voluntary, but the town’s retailers have decided to stop selling bottled water in September. Reusable bottles will be sold instead, with the intent that available water fountains can be used to fill the bottles.

Bundanoon’s ban has increased awareness about the bottled water debate. For more information, please see the full New York Times article here.

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