Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farm Bill Vetoed by Bush

President George W. Bush vetoed the Farm Bill on May 21. Senator Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry and Chairman of the Senate-House conference committee on the new farm bill reacted strongly to Bush’s veto:

With all of these critical investments and reforms in this bill that have won support from both parties, from every region of the country, and from rural and urban members of Congress alike, the president’s veto of this measure is an attempt to deny America these forward-looking initiatives at a time when the country needs them the most.

The bill continues, reforms and strengthens income protection for the benefit of farm families and the rural economy. The nutrition title strengthens food assistance. The energy provisions in the farm bill will help unleash the potential of agriculture and rural communities to supply energy to our nation. And the new bill will help farmers and ranchers with funds and technical assistance to conserve soil, improve water quality and boost wildlife on their land.

The Farm Bill was Bush’s 10th veto during his presidency.

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Mark Anderson-Wilk said...

This comment was received from a Conservation Blogger reader:

I agree with the Washington Post, the NY Times, and many others that the farm bill is Washington at its worst but for very different reasons. While it is true that it disproportunitely favors rich farmers it also favors the flawed Industrial Agricultural system that is destroying our health, our soil, our water, our air quality, and disrespects our animal friends who supply us with meat and dairy products.

By Don Kerstetter
Trappe Landing Farm & Native Sanctuary