Monday, May 12, 2008

Water Resource Photo Wins Contest

By Sarah VanDelfzijl
Last year, Michigan’s Battle Creek Clean Water Partners conducted a photo contest of subjects within the Kalamazoo River watershed. This effort was undertaken in part to fulfill Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit requirements. The photo contest helped educate the public about their watershed and the proximity of rivers and streams to the urban landscape.
The winning photo was taken by Richard Burkhart of Battle Creek, and his image was then submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency's National Earth Day photo contest, where it placed first in the “Enjoying Nature” category.
Burkhart commented, “On this spring day my wife and I were enjoying the environment and beauty of the Battle Creek River. I find it extremely interesting that this photo was taken within four blocks from the heart of Battle Creek, Michigan. Sometimes we can find true beauty and enjoy nature real close to home or in our own back yard.”
The photo serves as a reminder that urban rivers can be excellent recreational resources, provided that their surrounding communities make concerted efforts to improve and protect them.
Photo reproduced with permission by Richard Burkhart.

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